Equip your staff to address impairment in the workplace.

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Reasonable Cause Training


  • Are your Supervisors equipped to deal with impairment in the workplace?
  • Do you have procedures in place to handle suspected drug/alcohol use at work?

If not, this training will equip your Supervisors to handle workplace impairment situations with confidence.

By taking this course, you will ensure you are adhering to the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace 6.0 and the Department of Transportation (USDOT), who require training for Supervisors on drug and alcohol awareness.

Course Topics

  • 1

    Know the responsibilities of the Supervisor, Employer and Employee

  • 2

    Describe key aspects of common drugs of abuse and their impact in the workplace

  • 3

    Identify substance use in the workplace

  • 4

    Ensure you conduct the proper drug and alcohol testing

  • 5

    Document and handle Reasonable Cause situations appropriately

  • 6

    Understand the employer’s Duty-to-Accommodate and Human Rights

  • 7

    Provide proper assistance to employees who may be experiencing issues with drugs and alcohol


  • Drug Free Workplace Components

    • Alcohol & Drug Work Rule

  • Supervisor “Must Knows”

    • Responsibilities
    • Signs & Symptoms of Impairment

  • Five Steps of a Reasonable Cause Investigation

    • Observe, Confirm, Document, Confront, Test

  • Q&A

All Attendees Receive

  • Process Steps for Managing Reasonable Cause Handout

  • Signs and Symptoms of Impairment Handouts

  • Reasonable Cause Observation Report Form

  • Certificate of Completion

Duration: 3 Hours

Cannabis Training


  • Does your company have a clear plan to manage Recreational and Medical cannabis in your workplace?
  • Is your team on the same page when it comes to handling cannabis concerns?

If not, this training will give your team the answers you need to create a clear cannabis policy for your company.

Course Topics

  • Employer, Employee & Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Cannabis 101

  • Impairment

  • Edibles

  • Medical Marijuana

  • Accommodation & Human Rights

  • Recreational Cannabis

  • Drug Testing

  • Federal & Provincial Regulations

  • Policy Considerations

  • Employee Education

  • Q&A

All Attendees Receive

  • Medical Clearance Form Template

  • Medical Cannabis Approval Checklist

  • Certificate of Completion

Duration: 3 Hours

Cannabis Training


  • Have you educated your staff about your company policy regarding Recreational & Medical Cannabis?
  • Are they aware of their responsibility to be Fit-For-Duty at work at all times?
If not, book an Employee Cannabis Training and get your staff educated!

Course Topics

  • 1

    Cannabis: What is acceptable and unacceptable at work

  • 2

    Drug testing in the workplace in light of legal recreational cannabis

  • 3

    Company Substance Use Policy highlights

  • 4

    Consequences of breach of company policy

This course is designed to be delivered ON-SITE.

We’ll bring this course to your Safety Meeting, Tail-Gate Meeting or Staff Meeting.

Duration: 30 minutes of training PLUS 30 minutes of Q+A

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