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    Equip your staff to address impairment in the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol

Awareness Course for Supervisors

Are your Supervisors equipped to deal with impairment in the workplace? Do you have procedures in place to handle suspected drug/alcohol use at work? If not, this course is where you will learn what your company needs to do to be prepared. You’ll leave with tangible tools to put to work right away as well as a specific list of other items to get in order, once back at the office. Course Topics:

  1. Responsibilities of the employer, employee and supervisor
  2. Key aspects of common drug abuse and their impact in the workplace
  3. Impairment in the workplace
  4. Safety-Sensitive positions and Fit-for-Duty requirements
  5. Drug and Alcohol Testing Methods
  6. Reasonable Suspicion Investigation & Documentation
  7. Duty-to-Accommodate and Human Rights
  8. Assistance for employees experiencing issues with drugs and alcohol

By taking this course, you will ensure you are adhering to the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace & OHS Standards. Both of these require training for supervisors on drugs and alcohol. This training course also exceeds the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). All attendees receive:

  • Reasonable Suspicion Observation Report Form
  • Reasonable Suspicion Process Steps Handout
  • Substance Abuse Signs & Descriptions Handout
  • Certificate of Completion
Duration: 3 Hours

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Awareness Course for Supervisors

Find answers on how to properly manage MEDICAL and RECREATIONAL cannabis in your workplace. The topic of cannabis access and its use is sensitive and complex and carries great implications for health and safety. With the legalization of cannabis, supervisors need to be equipped to respond appropriately to workplace cannabis concerns. Course Topics

  1. Cannabis 101 – THC & CBD
  2. Impairment
  3. Employer, Supervisor and Employee Responsibilities
  4. Accommodation & Human Rights
  5. Medical Marijuana
  6. Recreational Cannabis
  7. Policy Considerations
  8. Drug Testing Methods
  9. Federal & Provincial Cannabis Regulations
  10. Employee Education

All attendees receive:

  • Medical Marijuana Card Verification Checklist
  • Educational Cannabis Posters to display in your office to educate your workers about cannabis and the workplace
  • Certificate of Completion
Duration: 3 Hours

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Awareness Course for Employees

When recreational cannabis was legalized in the US, many employees mistakenly thought it was OK to:

  • Use cannabis before or during work,
  • Be impaired by cannabis at work, and
  • Bring cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia to work.

Your staff need to be informed about what is allowed and what is NOT allowed now that recreational cannabis is legal. Course Topics

  1. Cannabis: What is acceptable and unacceptable at work
  2. Drug testing in the workplace in list of legal recreational cannabis
  3. Company Substance Use Policy highlights
  4. Consequences of breach of company policy

This course is designed to be delivered ON-SITE. We’ll bring this course to your Safety Meeting, Tail-Gate Meeting, Staff Meeting, etc.

Duration: 30 minutes of training PLUS 30 minutes of Q+A

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