Return-To-Duty Services

Employee failed a test? RTD Services is your next step!

If an employee has tested positive on a drug or alcohol test or if they have self-disclosed a substance abuse issue, our Return-To-Duty Services gives you clarity on what to do next.

At Assure, we know you want to do your utmost to ensure your workplace is safe for everyone who works there and we know you want to provide the best level of care to your employees who may have a substance use disorder. Our best-in-industry RTD Services helps you accomplish both.

Why Assure?

We understand substance abuse and know how to put together a plan that works for the employee and the employer. We understand the Safety-Sensitive industry.We’ve been helping companies keep their employees healthy and their workplaces safe since 2009.We know you want to provide the best care to your employees, you want a Return-To-Duty Program that runs smoothly and you need a cost-effective Program. Our RTD Program delivers all of this.

Assure’s RTD Program was created by (and is managed by) Jon Rokochy, Assure’s Founder & CEO. Jon has a Master of Arts in Counselling and has worked in the addictions field since 2005. He has extensive experience and specialized training in treating addictive disorders and he has assisted many businesses in putting together an individualized RTD Program for their employees who have substance abuse issues. Jon has also created and facilitated an intensive Family Program which provided training and support to people who were impacted by someone else’s substance abuse.

We clearly understand how substance abuse impacts the individual, their loved ones and the workplace. When you partner with Assure for RTD Services, you can trust that you’re getting a program that addresses the unique needs of all three areas. We will walk alongside you every step of the way, ensuring you provide the best level of care to your employees.

Our RTD Service Providers Include:

Assure is your Partner in getting your employees back to work safely and quickly. We recognize that each employee has individual needs and we make sure they are treated uniquely, respectfully and we honour their confidentiality. We also respect the safety-sensitive nature of your business and will openly communicate with your company throughout the RTD process.

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