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Mask Fit Testing

Protect your most important asset—your employees.

When your employees are exposed to airborne contaminants, it is vital to provide respiratory protection. Many health effects ranging from temporary discomfort to long-term lung problems can arise when the proper respirator is not used, or is used incorrectly.

Mask fit testing ensures your employees are wearing the proper mask size for their face shape and job requirements. Mask fit testing is mandated by legislative requirements to protect the worker from hazardous exposure. The mask fit test consists of measuring the seal of the mask during various breathing rates, head positions, and body positions as well as during speech.

Your Designated Employee Representative will receive a confidential report of all mask fit testing results. To ensure reliable results, our equipment is checked daily and our technicians are held to the highest standards.

Easy to combine with drug and alcohol testing, hearing testing or pulmonary function testing.



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