FAQ's - For Employers

We typically book same appointments for drug and alcohol testing, audio testing and mask fit testing. For health assessments we are typically able to book within 1-2 days. If you have a large group of employees you need to test, please call and discuss. For post-incident/emergency testing, a technician is always available same-day.
No, though we do require payment information at the time of booking as well as relevant company details and reporting details.
Cash, Credit/ Debit. Applications are accepted for companies interested in setting up an account.

You bet! We’ll bring our MOBILE TESTING TRAILER to your location (WHEREVER you’re working!) to complete A&D Testing, Mask Fit Testing, Hearing Testing, Health Assessments, PFT’s and COVID-19 Testing.

We can also complete most testing IN YOUR OFFICE. If you have a private washroom and office we can have access to for the duration of testing then we’re set!

Mobile & Onsite Testing saves you TIME and $ so call us TODAY and let’s create a plan that works for you!

Express drug testing and breath alcohol results are delivered same day and you will leave our office with a copy of results. Lab testing results take 2-5 business days. Audio, Mask Fit and PFT results are delivered same day, if results are normal. Health assessment results are delivered next business day, unless further assessment is required.

Yes! We understand that you need to get OnSite fast so we ensure you will leave our office with a Clean Card in hand (for Express drug testing and breath alcohol testing) providing your result is negative of course!

The standard drug test is the Panel 5 (also called Panel 7) – tests for Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin), PCP (phencyclidine) and Amphetamines (Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy)
Panel 8 – all Panel 5 drugs + Oxycodone (a semi-synthetic Opiate not included in the standard Opiates panel)
Panel 10 + 12 – All Panel 5 drugs + some or all of the following:
Oxycodone (a semi-synthetic Opiate not included in the standard Opiates panel), Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Methadone and Propoxyphene

We complete urine, hair and oral fluid drug testing. Depending on the situation and reason for testing, each method of testing has its benefits.
Urine lab – gold standard of drug testing. Most accurate/ reliable and legally defensible.
Oral fluid – shorter detection window, least intrusive, useful in shy bladder situations and remote locations
Hair – historic drug use. 30-90 days in the past. It takes approximately 5-10 days from the time of drug use for the hair containing drug to grow above the scalp where it can be collected.

Adulterants can be detected at the time of collection and during the laboratory analysis. Collectors are trained and certified to follow Department of Transportation guidelines and protocols enabling them to effectively identify samples that are tampered with, including evaluating temperature, unusual colour or odour, foreign substances, or tampering and substitution.

Absolutely. Call our main # any time of day to be directed to our on-call technician who will make sure you have your testing completed as soon as you need. (844) 825 5030

Your company Drug and Alcohol Policy will answer this question for you.

Best practice is to remove the employee from safety-sensitive duties and have the employee complete an Substance Abuse Assessment with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Assure’s Return-To-Duty Program is your best option in ensuring the employee gets the assistance they require AND your workplace stays safe. 

A Medical Review Officer is a licensed physician and who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program and evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results.

Your company Drug and Alcohol Policy will outline this.
Canadian Model Recommendation – 0.04
Department of Transportation Requirement (DOT) – 0.02

FAQ's - For Employees

Many factors play into this, including the amount consumed, the method of drug use, whether use is chronic or occasional, individual rates of metabolism and excretion, diet, the acidity of the urine, and the concentration of the urine at the time the specimen is collected. Because of these variables, the values presented below should be used as general guidelines only.
  • Amphetamines 1 – 2 days
  • Cocaine metabolites 2 – 4 days
  • Ethanol 2 – 14 hours
  • Marijuana metabolites
  • Occasional use: 1 – 7 days
  • Chronic use: 1 – 4 weeks
  • Opiates 1 – 2 days
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) Occasional use: 1 – 8 days
  • Chronic use: up to 30 days

Government issued photo identification
Come normally hydrated if completing drug and alcohol testing
Do not eat, drink or put anything in your mouth for at least 15 minutes prior to a breath/ oral fluid test. This includes water, cigarette, gum etc.

It depends on the company you are working for. Every company has a different Drug and Alcohol Policy so only they can answer this question.

Some medications can cause a “false positive” on a drug test. In this situation, your sample would be sent to the lab for confirmation testing. The sample would be reviewed by Medical Review Officer (MRO) who is a licensed physician and who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results and evaluating medical explanations for certain drug test results. You may be asked by the MRO to provide a copy of your prescribed medications as part of the evaluation. Only the MRO has authority to overturn a “false positive”.

The cut-off levels of our drug tests (as set out by the DOT and Canadian Model) are such that second-hand smoke will not cause a person to test positive for marijuana.

Before entering the washroom to provide a urine sample, all outer clothing (including hats) must be removed, pockets emptied and valuables placed in a locked box to ensure the integrity of the sample provided. Department of Transportation guidelines indicate this procedure must be followed for all urine specimen collections and we adhere to DOT guidelines.

Department of Transportation guidelines state all washrooms used for urine specimen collection must be “secure”. This includes turning off all water supply, blue dye in the toilet bowl, various other integrity ensuring procedures and donors are not allowed to flush the toilet to ensure the integrity of the urine sample provided.

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