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Cannabis & Workplace Safety Training
By Jon Rokochy | March 9, 2018

The legalization of cannabis is only months away.
Is your workplace ready?

Legalization of cannabis for recreational use will undoubtedly be a challenge for you as an employer. Managing medical cannabis in the workplace adds another layer of challenges.

This interactive training will address issues of occupational health and safety, human rights accommodation, impairment, federal and provincial regulations and how employers can practically manage in this changing landscape.

Addressing recreational and medical cannabis is complex and requires specialized knowledge.

This training will give you practical tools to address cannabis with confidence. 

Perhaps you’ve wondered:

How do we maintain safety at work once recreational cannabis is legal?
How will we deal with a positive cannabis test result?
Should we be treating medical cannabis the same as recreational?
How do we handle a medical marijuana card?
Is there a drug test that shows impairment for cannabis?

The Cannabis & Workplace Safety Training equips employers to address these questions in a way that
maintains workplace safety and upholds the rights of the worker. 


This training educates supervisors, safety managers, CEO’s, and front-line employees on the following:

Employer Duty to Maintain a Safe Workplace
Workplace Alcohol and Drug Policy
Medical vs Recreational Cannabis
Cannabis Case Law
Science of Cannabis
Workplace Drug Testing
Employer Duty to Accommodate
Federal & Provincial Regulations

Training Options

1. We bring the training to you. In your office, for your staff only.
2. Attend our next public session. Date TBA

It has never been more important for your company to review your Alcohol and Drug Policy to ensure you are prepared for the changes.

Assure is here to guide you through these changing times and to give you peace of mind when it comes to Cannabis & Workplace Safety.

Get prepared. Book a training session TODAY.