Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) exists as part of our responsibility towards humanity, our community and the environment. Assure Occupational Testing works to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our company is committed to being proactive in initiatives to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.

Business Ethics:

At Assure Occupational Testing we strive to conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights by prompting:

In an effort to give back to our community, Assure Occupational Testing is committed to the following:

Supporting the Community:

Assure Occupational Testing works alongside several non-profit organizations by offering support through monetary donations, gifts in-kind, and volunteering.

Protecting and Preserving the Environment:

We recognize the need to protect and preserve our environment for future generations. We work to follow best practices when disposing garbage, biohazards, and chemical substances. We are proactive in protecting the environment through recycling, energy conservation and using environmentally friendly technologies.

Charitable Contributions & Sponsorship Policy

As a member of the Lloydminster business community, Assure Occupational Testing believes that part of our social responsibility is to support local, nonprofit community organizations by providing financial contributions, in-kind services, sponsorship and volunteer support. Assure supports the advancement and promotion of:

Assure’s Charitable Contributions & Sponsorship Policy ensures that all financial contributions, in-kind services, sponsorship and volunteer support are coordinated and aligned with our corporate social responsibility strategy and business goals. Assure works to promote social change, maximize opportunity for corporate visibility, and fosters long-term business relationships. All corporate expenditures for charitable donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, etc. will be handled accordingly.

All incoming and outgoing requests for charitable contributions/sponsorships, in-kind services or support, and/or company volunteer support will be coordinated and administered by Assure’s CEO.

Requests for sponsorships, charitable donations, volunteers, or in-kind services must be made in writing and forwarded to Assure’s CEO for research, review, and final disposition. Assure’s CEO (or representative) will communicate directly with the organization regarding all requests and coordinate any follow up documentation.

The following guidelines will be used in reviewing requests for charitable contributions and sponsorships and company volunteer initiatives:

The following exclusions apply:

Charitable Contributions Application

    Contact Information

    Full Name*:



    Organization Information

    Organization Name*:

    Charitable Registration Number*:


    Social Media Information*:

    Organization Address*:

    About the Organization

    Please describe the organization’s relationship with Assure Occupational Testing, if any:

    How many years has the organization been in operation?

    Will a portion of funds requested be used for specific administrative costs? If so, what is the percentage?

    How many current full-time staff do you have?

    How many current volunteers do you have?

    What is the specific program you are requesting funding for?

    Please provide some background information on the specific program and explain why it would be a good fit for Assure Occupational Testing at large:

    Please describe the target audience of the selected program:

    Donation Request

    Will the funds for the projects, programs, or activities for which you seek funding be used exclusively within Canada?

    Will the funds be used:

    Program of Initiative Details

    What is the overall budget for this project or campaign?

    Please provide a detailed summary on how the money will be spent:

    How many people will benefit from this donation?

    Have you ever received a donation from Assure Occupational Testing before?

    If yes, please expand:

    If there are any Assure Occupational Testing Employees who are currently involved with your organization please provide their name(s) below along with a brief description of their involvement (e.g. Volunteer, Committee Member, Board of Directors).

    How will you measure the impact of this project? Describe what measures are in place to gauge your results and how will you quantify your success.